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Privacy Maxx

A recent news release has outlined a huge security breach at credit reporting company Equifax. Sensitive information affecting up to 143 million Americans has been exposed including Social Security numbers and addresses.

We offer a Privacy Maxx Family Identity Theft Protection Plan (3 years) for $179 as well as a 1 and 2 year plan.

You think it can’t happen to you? At least check out our plan.

For US residents only.

Free TC Card


I am offering a free TC card – TC stands for Tripleclicks.   It has a $12 value.  The $12 is made up of 6 T-credits and 100 MRP (member rewards points).

The t-credits (since we are global, this is our in-house currency) are used to bid at our penny auctions or for any game  you would like to play.  I would suggest the penny auctions – you can bid on and win brand name items for up to 90% off the retail price.  Also you earn 5 MRP for each bid or in the case of double MRP auctions, you earn 10 MRP.   MRP can be saved up and used to purchase an item you like at our store Tripleclicks.

If you would like a free card, please just fill in the opt-in form (click on Opt-in at the top of the page) and I will send you the redemption code to activate the card.

Good  luck on your bidding.


Join My Team

I have been with SFI for almost 2 years.   It is quite an amazing experience.   SFI is a MLM company but I’ve done my research and this is a good, legitimate business.  With MLMs your main functions are building a team of affiliates and also selling product from our store Tripleclicks  However, there are many more features and income streams which you will see when you become a member.

Some of the main features about SFI:

  • can participate free for as long as you want, with no obligation
  • your own personalized website provided free (with free maintenance)
  • Personal mentors provided for free for personal support & assistance 24/7
  • Company handles all orders – payment, shipping, customer service, for you
  • Member of Better Business Bureau
  • In business on the internet for 19 years
  • Free training, including free Income Internet Training course by a professional
  • Donates percentage of sales to charity.
  • Business and Income can be willed to a family member.

There are many more features you can see when a member.  Join my Team here:

To watch a video on this great opportunity please see here:



Computer Safety

There is a story on the News right now about a young Canadian man who will be in court on April 5, 2017 to face charges laid by the U.S. Justice Department for computer hacking, economic espionage and several other offences.

The case involves a data breach that impacted at least a half billion user accounts. Sounds like something from a spy movie.  Not so.

Do you stop and think about how safe your computer is?   Can someone get to your data – your banking, credit history, etc.?   Do you have any kind of insurance to assist you if you were to run into computer fraud?

It costs less than you think.  I just ask that you take a look, no obligation.   We have 1, 2 & 3 year plans.  Try the 1 year to have peace of mind, if you like what you see you can always opt for a longer plan. – $69

Available to U.S. customers only at this time.




Join me, Jessie MacDonald, and I’ll personally help you build a second income with top rated SFI—now in its 19th year! Click here to join my team and get started FREE today!

I am trying to figure out why so many people shy away from MLM’s or Multi Level Marketing firms.  First off, you have to do some research.  Yes, there are plenty of scams out there but there are also legitimate companies.

If someone offers you to join with a guaranteed income of $5,000 in your first week, avoid them.  No one can guarantee that.

With so many people out of work, don’t you think it’s an option for you?  I’m retired and wanted something to do so I joined a reputable MLM.  It certainly is not a get rich quick scheme but you can make money while growing your own business.  It is also a good way to have a second income.

I would like you to just come in and have a look around.  There is no obligation.

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